Caught in a secret video of 34 women bath scenes


In the guesthouse shampoo bottle, keeping the camera hidden, the scenes of bathing of the women was a delusion. The pictures of the women in different porn sites shared the scenes, with the video description.

This happened in New Zealand. The person resident of the Hague Bay Island in the northern country of the country has already accepted the charges brought against him. However, he said that he recorded the scenes of at least 34 women bathing guests at the guest house in the camera hidden in the shampoo bottle.

The person’s name has not been disclosed in the interest of the wife’s safety. From December 2007 to February 018, he admitted that he had captured all the hidden videos. At the same time, the videos have been posted on a porn site; He has also narrated some videos.

Most of those women who have been secretly under the age of 30 are under the age of 30 The camera was kept up so high that women were caught on their shoulders. But sometimes the face was seen in the video.

However, the shampoo bottle was not bought from the house-it was not known at the house that the service was made. Police found them out of the women’s house for two weeks from one acre in that guesthouse. Police said that after revealing such a crime, those women expressed horror, shame and anger.

In February when the accused person was arrested; Then he told the police that he had done this job to get excited and thought about the risk of catching.

The Hastings District Court says that the person accused of running the camera with the help of remote only when the women left the shower for bathing. After the night the shampoo bottle was removed from the computer and downloaded the video on the computer.

He posted videos on a porn site; He also encouraged viewers to make a positive comment on their own to get more videos together.

But later, these videos were deleted online by New Zealand Police. There have been several other charges, including violating the privacy of others’ privacy. If any one of these accusations is proven, he will have to be sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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