Bus accident death 47 in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe bus accident

At least 47 people were killed in clashes between two buses in Zimbabwe. The accident happened on Wednesday in Harare, the city’s capital and the city of Rusepe in southeast. AFP quoted police as saying the news agency AFP.

Police spokesman Paul Nihiath said that 47 people were killed in the road accident in the Zimbabwe-Muturni Highway bus.

The Guardian reported that the passenger bus was heading towards the city of Rusap, leaving the capital city of Harare. The collision occurred on the other side of a speeding bus from the other side. Many people died on the spot.

State-run newspaper Herald said in a tweet message that the pictures of the casualties are so awkward that it is not about posting.

According to the AFP report, in Zimbabwe, bus accidents have become commonplace over the last few years. The country’s bad roads were blamed for this. In June last year, 43 people died in another bus accident.

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