Boys be carefull now, because of …


Boys be carefull now – the injury, excessive artificial methane, pressure, any type of infection etc. Cells may increase due to eritation. Cells are tough due to the presence of fluid in the inside.

The accumulated fluid strains the pressure, or the blood or the blood mixed in the blood may become frozen. The liquid contents inside the testicle are stellar or sometimes yellow or yellowish.

With this, the combination of pigmented blood, fibrin, fat, mucous epithelium, sperm, etc. can be greenish, green or red in color.

The surface of the scratam contains the stored fluid in the cell and the lower part, but when combined with the scratam for irritation or inflammation, the cells are bound themselves and stored on fluid substances.

In this condition of the disease many times a stroke may occur with throttle hernia, but if the test is found in the hormone, it can be found in the abdominal ring and coughing will cause the testicle to swell but it will not be in the hydrosil.

However, it is usually due to respite, sleep disorders, trauma, and hanging scrotum.

Symptoms of testis or hydrocellular symptoms: –

01. It is understood that the testicle shows that the testicle is much larger than normal and normal size. In some cases it looks like a coconut that looks so big. Sometimes, once again, both of them can be so big.

0. The egg swollen fat and feels soft. It can be understood that the fluid content is found in the two screens of the testicle. The reason is that by holding an octave with a testicle with the hand and gentle pressure, you will feel soft.

03. The scrotum skin of this disease is thick and thick, but if the ear is white, the skin will be too thick, but it does not contain any kind of fluid content.

04. There is no pain or agony in the pain, and the testicle skin and its tissues are thick. Most of the time the same testicle is infected, and in some cases two eggs can be infected together.

05. If this disease is due to injury, there is pain in the place and there is a feeling of tension, even if the patient does not want to touch it.

06. If the disease is due to germs, fever comes along with the attack, but the body temperature does not grow too much.

07. In most cases, with the onset of this disease, the spermicidal cord swings a bit and inflammation occurs.

08. Often, the penises in the right side are swollen and there is terrible pain. It may also be due to vaginal disorders such as syphilis, gonorrhea etc.

09. This type of symptom can also occur if the patient is suffering from pharyngitis. Then the feet of the feet and the veins of the legs swell. It also stores more water in the testicle and swelling more.

Treatment in the first place is cured, but the disease may also require operation in a very difficult condition.

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