Bottom water downstairs resort!

Bottom water downstairs resort!

There are many resorts in our country. Such resorts can be found in rivers, sea, jungle, open ground. Beautiful scenery in the remote areas has grown to hundreds of private resorts in rural environments. Many people who struggle in a busy life

As a result many people have seen different types of resorts in the country and abroad. The resort owners made their resorts as fast as possible. But the role of this resort is for the rest of the year but it remains unsuccessful. Besides, the thrilling environment is also needed at the resort. A resorts have been found in the Maldives.

Bottom water downstairs resort!

It is known that a resort in Maldives has been built under water. Recently this new villager has been unveiled. In the comfort room, you can sleep on a soft bed. Not only that, friendship with the fish can do. Because of the different types of marine fish roaming on the roof of the luxury room.

The makers said, the water is made up to six feet deep below the water. At the same time, Luxury Rooms, Banquets and Cafeteria. The upper ceiling of the resort is on the water. There is a Relaxation Desk. This Relaxation Desk will help if you get off the water or if you want a sunshine.

Bottom water downstairs resort!

There is also a variety of innovations in the Travel Package of this resort of Konrad Group. Here’s the rent for a night position of 40 lakhs. However, if you take the package for four days or three, there is a possibility of some discount.

Though the scope of the cost is heavy, the facilities may not be less than that. So pockets can understand once. Because booking is going on for the resorts this year.

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