Bbajrangi bhaijaan’s mother, do you remember?


Salman Khan’s film named ‘bajrangi bhaijaan’, which created a new record breaking records in India and worldwide box office Mehr Viz caught the eye of Munni’s mother alias Harshali Malhotra in that film.

In addition to ‘Bajrangi Bhajan’, he has acted in several films such as Shaya (2003), ‘Dil Bhil Payar Veer’ (2014). Besides, Mehra has also appeared on several TV serials.

In the movie ‘Secret Superstar’ in the year of the movie, she won the Filmfare Award for her film ‘Bajrangi Bhajan’, starring Nazrakada actress. In addition, he has won several awards like India IIFA, Bollywood Film Journalist.

Now, one after another, the picture created a storm in the net world. Mehr now 32 years old. In this age, the number of followers going on jumping into the Instagram account jumped.

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