Bill Gates’s new toilet technology will how to work?

Bill Gates toilet Technology

How To Work – Recently US billionaire Bill Gates unveiled a new type of toilet. Do not use any water in this toilet. It will not be in the kitchen or any other storage. But how to do this toilet?

According to a Reuters report, the new technology will convert the human waste into fertilizer by using various chemical components to the toilet. It will be processed inside the toilet. No pipe should be arranged anywhere.

Bill Gates said the use of a chemical process in a new type of toilet will be used. Through this, bad odor and harmful pathogens from the human stool will be removed. The rest will be a thing like ashes. It can be used as fertilizer.

There are several types of sophisticated toilets. But all of them work by isolating liquids and solid waste. The waste in the current toilet removes water and is stored in a sewer or archive. But there is no such storage or pipe in the new technology toilet.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been working on a long-standing toilet for a long time. Gates said in an interview a few days ago, the modern toilet is ready to come to the market. It is also expected that it will spread to different parts of the world very soon.

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