Before marriage, Priyanka wants a child!


Nick Jones in Priyanka Chopra will be tied to this month or September. Going to London, Already has been dealing with Indian beauties, American popster. After changing the ring with the piggy, then the claw is tied to seven pieces. Although Priyanka Chopra did not comment on the marriage, Nick Jonas is discussing this issue openly.

Recently, Nick Jones’s brother had a birthday. And there was a sunny mood on Viage’s birthday to see Nick. Soon after, Nick Jonas was asked about marriage, family and family. Nick Jonas told reporters that he wanted to start a family. Children are always beloved to him. Nick said that he wants to give brother to brother, sister.

She also said, as soon as possible, she wants to make a family with her child. That is, the marriage is not enough for the child, and now the child is thinking about the idea. And he publicly said that the US Rockstar.

She also said, with the brothers, she understood how much she loves the children. And so the time has come, let the brother’s brother, sisters get the chance to come.

Recently she returned home from Singapore with Nick, Priyanka returned to the country. After going to Delhi airport, Priyanka was seen to open the ring. That is, with the American Rockstar, he took the episode of the Bagdan episode, without opening the ring to open the ring, piggy appeared before the camera.

No matter how Priyanka lurks with the matter, Nick tells the story of Baghdan. Nayak thanked the journalists for their good wishes for the goodwill of Indian beauty. That means, with Priyanka Chopra, Satpak, who wants to take care of him, has also made it clear that Nick Jonas has made it clear.

Meanwhile, Priyanka has started contesting for Farhan Akhtar’s shooting after being removed from Bharat. Priyanka is preparing for the shooting of Sonali Bose’s ‘The Sky Is Pink’ and is preparing for the shooting. Farhan and Priyanka are in the film alongside ‘Dangle Girl’ Zara Wasim. Not only that, Farhan, Priyanka, will star in this movie as Jaira’s parents.

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