Be careful using condoms,Find out some serious side effects of using it


Caution in using condoms – If you use condoms, you should be careful, because it has some serious side effects. There are still many things in our society that we do not openly discuss.

Of these, there are sex and words related to it. For example, take condoms for example. We rarely discuss words about when to use condoms, why to use it.

We use a lot of things to prevent unwanted pregnancy, including a type of condom. But very few people know that condoms not only prevent pregnancy but also protects from one body to another.

People know only few things about condoms. And in his mind, many things are sitting around him thinking of reversal. You have read or heard a lot about condoms today, but do you know that using condoms can cause much harm?

So it is very important to know about these things today. Let us know how condom can harm us.

Out of 100 women, 15 women became pregnant

If the condom can be used properly, then 98% of the chance is not pregnant but if not properly dressed then 15 out of 100 women can become pregnant.

Can not always be saved from STD

Condoms protect us from diseases like HIV, HPV, Syphilis But the condom can not save us from external skin infections. These infections include infection like scabies infection and molluscan contagious.

It may also be a transfer

This virus is such that the skin of Aninfekted partner spreads. Even if condoms are made from animal skin, it can not save you from HIV.

The use of condoms has an expiration date

The condom is also expiry date. Generally people buy condoms without seeing expiry date and by then the condom becomes very thin and it breaks when it’s been sex.

For this reason the condom breaks

If condoms are used in petroleum jelly or cooking oil, condoms can react with latex. Consequently, the condom becomes weak and the chances of fattening are greatly increased.

Double condom more unsafe

Some people think that reading two condoms may be very cautious, but it is totally wrong. Because the two condoms react badly to each other and get very quickly.

That’s the problem

Some men do not use condoms because they think it reduces the feeling of it. They also think that the tension is not there after wearing the condom. One of the ways of all these men is that they use other brands of condoms. And use whatever you need or your advantage.

Latex allergy

Condoms are made of latex rubber. According to an American organization, some people have this latex is a protein theory that they all have allergies. Made of latex rubber, toys, rubber bands, balloons etc. are also made.

These are the signs

Those who are suffering from latex allergies may cause some toxicity, headaches, swelling, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. This allergic problem can be a serious disease like anapestics.

There are definitely options

If one of these two partners is either Latex Allergy, then condoms made from synthetic rubber made with condoms or animal skin are the best for them.

Hopefully all of these methods are you, and the next time you use the condom, be sure to maintain caution.

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