Babies are babes but extreme ridiculous


HuBabies are babes but extreme ridiculous!

The kids are sinless – but the kids unknowingly do all the activities that make us laughable for our adults. Parents should keep such ridiculous incidents in the camera. Today we will see some activities of kids that you will laugh at!

Perfect timing!

The moment the picture is taken, he asks the person, ‘What did I bring?’

‘Mother, give a picture, I’m kissing a monkey!’

When to teach where to kiss is to be done

It’s funny!

Bechari made a mistake and did not know what he wrote!

When you are confused with your tail!

He is in front of the tail or he is worried about that!

As a school project, when the egg makes a minaret!

It is important to have a proper knowledge about how to see the tower or tower!


Mother went shopping and lunch time!


At the time of the store, the store has finished and there are no additional pants for dolls.

It’s a biscuit! Really biscuits!

Take pictures with her hug!

They thought they were fishing equipment!

The boy’s boy disappeared suddenly to find out he was busy!

‘Why can not I take them to school?’

She sharks on her forehead, really shark!

Last night he went to see DJ show!

From today he is dreaming to be DJ!

He is making all the difference!

‘Mom, I’m watching the refrigerator!’

Spiderman man gets frustrated!
They are two good friends!

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