America has dollars, we have Allah: Erdogan


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned the United States that if Washington does not leave the path of unity and show respect then his country will find new friends and allies.

Erdogan commented after US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that he would impose double tax on Turkey’s steel and aluminum import.

Since the decision to increase the tariff, Turkish currency lira has fallen 18 percent against the dollar. Many people are afraid that Turkey is heading towards an economic crisis. Erdogan said in an article in the New York Times that the United States must show respect to Turkey’s sovereignty.

‘They have dollars; Then we have our people, our rights and ours. “- In an affair, Erdogan said. Shortly after tweeting the announcement of the increase in trump tariffs, Erdovan spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Regarding the fall of Lira, Turkey’s regulators are going to make an emergency meeting, but the regulators refused to do so. ErdovaE is angry over Washington; Because the Americans are giving weapons to the Kurdish fighters fighting against Islamic State in Syria, and they are not even giving exiled foreign leader Fatullah Gulen to Turkey for trial.

Ankara is planning to buy a missile system from Russia – that is also a major reason.

On the other hand, Ankara complained that Faitullah Gullen had taken a failed coup in his home in Pennsylvania, in a house with a failed coup against Erdogan. Erdogan said Washington increased tension with the counter-measures against US lawmaker Andrew Branson on trial for terrorism, without waiting for the trial to end.

Complaint against Branson; He has a relationship with the Kurdish Workers’ Party and Fattullah Gulen. After the debate over the strong evangelical Christian lobby of America, Washington responded by imposing a ban on the Turkish Interior and the Judiciary.

Shortly after the Turkish ministers imposed sanctions, Trump announced the increase in tariffs. Turkey imported about half of their oil from Iran That is why the reprocessed US sanctions on Iran are believed to damage Turkey’s economy.

On the ground in Turkey, the NATO Alliance’s most important in-house military air base bases NATO has used extensively for the attack against the Islamic State. Turkey has internal pressure to close the base.

Turkish government prosecutors accuse; Some US military officers deployed to Inzleri had played a role in the anti-Erwinian coup, and they wanted warrants against them for the court.

Last week, the lawyer appealed to the judge to stop the flight of all aircrafts from the Israeli.

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