amazing beautiful 10 islands


amazing beautiful 10 islands

There are numerous islands around the globe. It’s hard to tell which is the most beautiful island among them. Each island is dressed in nature’s own play. So all the islands are unique in their own fame.

Recently, on the basis of readers’ favorite list of 10 amazingly beautiful islands of the world, Travel Travel Popular Magazine Conde Nost Traveler In one report, 10 names of the island have been published by Daily Mail. Those are:

1. Maldives

Maldives occupies top position in the list Asia is the smallest country in the continent. The country is standing with the small 1,200 coral reefs on the Indian Ocean’s chest. Every year thousands of tourists from the different parts of the world come running here. The transparent water channels, the white sand beaches, the sky and the sea make the beautiful blue colors match the tourists. Ideal place to spend the holiday and romantic moments

2. Greek Islands

The Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are second to the list of travel-sapling favorites. Due to excellent weather, Greek hospitality, beautiful villages like coastal pictures and improved internal communication, these islands attracted foreign tourists very well. In many places the ancient European civilizations have been decorated in a wonderful way. Which satisfies tourists curiosity about the rich Greek civilization.

3. Seycilli

Sicily, the largest island of the Mediterranean in Italy. Blissful watershow, soft sand beach and the island’s beautiful surroundings. One of the attractions of the island is the Volcano Mount Etna. This volcano located 3,650 meters high above the surface of the Earth is the highest in Europe. Mount It is one of the world’s active volcanoes. This is the third place in the tourist’s preferred list.

4.Sent Barth Island

The full name is Saint Barthélemy’s Island. Briefly in Saint Barth One of the most expensive and elite islands in the Caribbean region was once occupied by France. The name of the island is ‘Barthhelmie’ and French. Its reputation as a champagne drinker for famous and wealthy people The relaxed white sand beach of the island and the windfalls in the Pinfin, bring relief to tourists.

5. Balearic Islands

Ibiza, Majorca, Menarka and Formerna. Spain’s Belaric Archipelago, with these 4 islands of the western Mediterranean Each island has unique features. Ibiza is famous for the Udaam Night Club. The island also has its charm for calm and privacy. This is the ideal place for the secret scene of silver screen stars. The other three islands are unique in the picturesque beach, green complexes and natural beauty.

6. Seychelles

Island Secretaries of 155 islands, located in the southeast of the continent of Africa. In some parts of the Indian Ocean this island still has no foot. Seychelles travel means the opportunity to enjoy natural beauty to stop breathing. Here are the tallest coconut and palm trees in the middle of the beach. Surprised is the fact that only 177 square miles of land has UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites.

7. Capri

Capri is an amazing island and a wonderful island of light climate. It is located south of Napoli city in Italy. Renowned writers, artists and intellectuals of the world have been living in this island. In their description, the beauty of the island has emerged as such, which they have never seen, they can realize the beauty of the island in Kalpana.

8. Barbados

Dense tropical green vegetation, warm blue water and sunny rhodoo – all you can enjoy as long as you live on the white sandy beach of Barbados; It will not bother you. You can roam the delicious flying fish here. Can be lost in the crowd. Do not lose in reality Can buy shopping. There are bars for soaking in different drinks. And there is the natural form of the whole island to soothe your mind.

9. Mauritius

There is no island like Mauritius to travel to the family. It is extremely interesting to the couples as honeymoon spot as well. The tourists will keep all the arrangements for the trip to this island country of Africa. Cool sea, safe beach, attractive motel, unrestricted green – what’s missing in Mauritius?

Tourists have come across for a year in a calm climate.

10. Malta

Malta is a popular tourist destination for comfortable climate, numerous entertainment spots, and the magnificent architecture styled on the island. Monuments are historically important. There are at least nine recognized UNESCO historic structures on the island. The capital of the island is Vellatta, the smallest among the European Union countries. It is also famous for all types of gardens and churches.

Not all islands form one. The beauty of some islands depends on the ocean surrounding the island. An island is inspired by its crystal clear watershade, by its rich coral empire, which has an abundant forest, and velvet like a soft high peak. Know about some of the world’s beautiful islands.


Maldives is the world’s most fascinating island. The ocean around this island has helped it to truly spill. Maldivian islands surrounded by the bright ocean of shine in the Indian Ocean, which consists of shiny white coast and 26 natural coral reefs. The inhabitants of this islands have a reputation for being the lowest lying people of this planet. The island is located just above three meters above sea level. It’s shrinking every year. Traveling from different parts of the world, particularly the diving swimmers, go to the island with the coral reefs and the exquisite fascination of the island. This is the ideal place for surfing. The islands have luxurious resorts that show the sea. But due to the climate change in the world, the islands are in danger.


The island of Philippine is Palawan Island. This island extends from Bario to south-west. The hard limestone pebble has emerged from the clear sea like pearls on this island. Scenes of fish walking from the surface of the water are clearly visible. Characteristics of this island surrounded by palm tree shade jungle on chalk-chicked white sand. Palawan Island is the best place for coral reefs, tropical fish diversity and diving. Other interesting topics on this island are unique wildlife, emerald lakes and weird fishing villages. The delightful island Mala Rani has a quality resort. The most interesting place in Palawan is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which is on the list of world heritage. This park has impressive limestone caves and underground rivers.


Cycled Island Santorini located in the Aegean Sea The blue island of this island of Greece, candy-colored houses, shiny white building blue half-rounded roof and windy sky make the charm. Black sand beach or village path will give you peace. Oia is famous for the sunset.

Cook Islands

If you want to travel to the South Pacific, then Cook Islands for you. The islands are made up of 15 islands. Panna lagoons, palm trees on the beach, volcano horns on the island. There are numerous trees of rose in the villages beside the guard. If you want a fantasy like Robinson Crusoe, then come back to this Cook Islands.

Apart from Bali and Gilly Islands in Indonesia, Dalmysian Islands of Croatia, Fiji and Kangeru Islands of Australia, Staat Island of New Zealand, Miyako Islands of New Zealand, Lopez Island of Japan, Little Cornwall Island of Nicaragua, Co Yoyo Island in Thailand, Isle of Skye in Scotland, Leipudus of Italy Islands are beautiful islands etc. Its own intrinsic unique.



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