After the physical relationship must urinate! But if not …


After autocratic relationship – matter is tangible. But if this issue is not highlighted now, then there is no doubt about the danger that further increases in the coming days.

Because the good relationship between husband and wife develops on the strong foundation of personal life. It is therefore necessary to know about various aspects of this subject.

In context, more than one case study has found that the husband and wife who are often involved in physical, the beauty of their relationship increases sharply. But many people do not know exactly how to perform physical reconciliation or before and after the rules.

As the relationship between husband and wife becomes pleasant, it also increases the risk of various complex diseases. For example, physicians advised to urinate every time after physical intercourse.

But why is such advice given? Most of the answers do not have any doubt about “no”. So, in this article, these seemingly small, yet, trying to focus on important things.

Increases the risk of infection:

The secretion of the genetic organisms of the husband or wife increases the risk of getting infected from one’s body to another by infecting another person.

That is why, before physical union, the secret of both of them should be cleaned. This increases the likelihood of survival of bacterial attacks.

Urinary tract infections decreased:

Most of the cases of sexual intercourse in women are responsible for physical intercourse. Because the spark goes out of the body through the road, the same road leads to urine.

Therefore, many microbes enter the body of sperm with the sperm. As a result, the risk of infection increases. Not only that, once the wife is infected with such infection, the germ can enter the male partner’s body at some point of time.

As a result both of them got sick at one time. So it is important to clean well before and after the physical mixing of vaginal and pennies.

Muscular pissed after mating:

Even if it is not for men, women should have urine after physical relationship. Because of this, many of the harmful organisms entering the secret part of the wife from the husband’s body, leaving the body through urine before making any damage. As a result, the risk of infection can be reduced.

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