After the match yesterday, Knight Riders owner Shahrukh Khan knew what he did.


The owner of Knight Riders – one month ago, he was seen in the first match of the Eden Knights. Kolkata Knight Riders beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by four wickets in the match. At the end of the match, Eden was happy to return to the hotel with the help of ‘King Khan’ Shah Rukh

He later returned to Eden on Wednesday again. But the team owner did not even win the match in KKR. Before the game ended in a 102-run match, disappointed Shahrukh left the field before the match ended. After the huge gap, the knight owner Eden left his face black.

Clockwise at night eleven twenty-two KKR scored 77-7 at the scoreboard. From there, Pijush Chawlar out. Next to prepare for the departure of Badsha’s stadium.

Hanhana went ahead in the car. The Eden compound quickly closed the door. When Rinku Singh, who is out on bail, is out on the head of 10.10 overs, the last time Shahrukh appeared in the verandah of the Knights box.

Shahrukh tweeted apologizing for not being able to meet the fans in the field after that, ‘A fight mentality in the playground works. It is not a big thing to win and defeat. But today I have seen the lack of that struggle in my team. I apologize to her fans’. Still, the 17th over game is going on in Eden. Calcutta 106-9 at the score board.

That’s why the Mumbai Indians match is a respectable match to Shah Rukh. Every year, when the match came, Shahrukh dreamed of losing his city Mumbai. But in most cases it has hit Shahrukh with failure. In the last eleven year, his team lost nine times in the match in Eden.

But at the same time, the miserable chase Shahrukh L. Expected win The match against Mumbai in the next two matches. On this day, Mumbai Indians, who reached KKR in the first four of the day, entered Mumbai Indians. As a result disappointment is normal.

In the last few matches, the expectation of watching Shahrukh was like a cricketer, the Kolkata-based people of Kolkata. It was known at noon, Shah Rukh will be present on the field this day.

Shahrukh tweeted on social networking website, “Seeing in Kolkata Eden. Today, the voice of support for the favorite party is overwhelming. “The attraction attracts the Kolkata Adenukhi.

KKR owner standing at the verandah saw the opposition captain Rohit Sharma doing the bat. Bowler Kuldeep Yadav But in that thirteenth over, Ishant Kisan bowled Kuladip for four fours in the last four balls to take Mumbai to the match. It seemed as if the day may not be Shahrukh today. And finally it did not happen.

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