After shooting the movie, what do you know about the clothes? You will be surprised


The movie is one of the most entertaining entertainment of the movie. That’s a combination of thousands of plans for surprises and visions. One of them is the change of clothes. In a film, there are many characters, including heroes and heroes, who have to change countless clothes and costumes.

In the film, all the clothes worn by the hero-heroine can be removed and a clothing shop can be easily opened. There are also some dresses which cut the mindset of the visitors. In the movie ‘Channa Marayya’ or ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Diwani Mattani’, Deepika’s wonderful costume can not be forgotten. But the duration of those drafts is only a few seconds, a large number of hours. Then what are these clothes?

But never thought of what is being done after the costly costume shooting ended? And this dress is never used? Actually, after the shooting is over, all the clothes that are kept in the production house store room. Each box is created for each photo. The above photo name sticker is fitted. The clothes placed in the sticker are kept in the box. So, what is so expensive clothing in such a way that it is being packed day after day?

The answer must be ‘no’. In fact, the usual quality garments are kept in this way. Later it was given to wear the other side of the film’s other side characters. And in the case of expensive designer clothes, another incident happened. Anushka Sharma, wearing a green gown of 35 kg in another Bollywood picture ‘Bombay Velvet’ His necklace was 17 kg in ‘Channa Mereya’ song. Most of the time, after the shooting, these designer clothes were taken back to their studio for the designers.

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