After physical union, women do not forget to do these three things


After intercourse, women do many things to enjoy in bed – everyone How to become romantic, how to make sex life more sweet, Many people think of many things in the service.

But what should be done after physical intercourse, it does not bother anyone. Especially women should keep these issues in mind.

1. Urine: It may have been heard many times before. But it should be reminded once more how important it is. Do not forget to urinate before bedtime after mating. You get rid of many troubles in this.

Because there is a possibility of bacterial infection during intercourse. Which can penetrate your body. Which can be reached at Bladder. But after mating, you can get rid of the possibility of urination. The bacteria will go out with urine.

2. Eat Water: Sex But An Exercise Because in this case the body is working and sweat falls. So after mixing your body, dehydration can occur.

So drinking water is very important. Just as soon as the gym is done to drink water. As well as drinking water bacteria will also be released through urine.

3. Clean with soap: clean with soap but do not use smell soap. Cleaning the genitals with odorless soap will clear the bacteria. But there is no need to clean it with soap inside. The body can clean it itself.

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