After being lynched in a lion’s cage become naked to commit suicide …


After being lynched in a lion’s cage become naked to commit suicide …

A nude young man (20) entered the lion’s cage at the Zoo for suicide, being nude to commit suicide. He wanted to eat lion’s food. However, the zoo workers rescued the young lion and rescued the young man.

The seriously injured young man was taken to the nearest hospital. This incident happened in Santiago, Chile on Saturday morning.

According to ‘Daily Mail’, Franco-Lewis Fida Roman was introduced to the young media in the local media. His pants pocket suicide note writing found.

The zoo authorities said that like the usual visitors, the ticket was hit by Francois Lewis. He traveled around the lion’s cage to all the people walking around. Later, he entered the cage with an open part of the lion’s cage. Before that, Franco took off all his clothes.

Some visitors from the zoo said that Franco Lewis entered the lion’s cage and cried out to some lions there. After attracting attention, three lions attacked him. The lions started to poke Franko with a punch. At that time, he was shouting something about Jesus Christ and religion.

The zoo director Alejandra Motalva said that his staff tried to release the young man from the lion’s cage. But in any case the young man was not being rescued from the lion. They did not have any medicines that quickly sensed the lion. So forced to kill two lions, the zoo workers shot.

Local police said that Franco Lewis entered the lion’s cage due to attempt to commit suicide. His pants pocket suicide note writing found. Franco tried to commit suicide in such a way that the earth would be destroyed. On Saturday night, it is known that the life threatening of Frank’s life in the hospital was seriously injured.

Holiday morning So many people gathered in front of the African lion-singer’s cage in front of the kids. When the crowd started pulling the ropes, the young man of the year went ahead, nobody noticed. As soon as everyone saw it, it was too late.

In the cage there was a lion-man pulling. Saturday’s venue Metropolitan Zoo in Santiago, Santiago. Everyone is scared to see that horrible scene. Babies have covered their eyes.

They see that the young man, Franco Luís Fida Roman, was hanging on the throat of a lion in a nude way. Looks like lion is adoring! But the wrong way breaks in seconds. The lion-lioness told him to eat and drink a lot. Outside the trench, people screaming in fear of screaming.

The zoo authorities rushed to the news of the lion’s cage being shocked. They said that the importance of this is given to the person’s survival. After saving him, two bullets were targeted at Singh-Singhvi.

After that, they are stunned by the hoarsers. Fierce wounded young man Franco was taken to the hospital. At first the doctors thought that they would not be saved. The doctors demanded that her heart stopped working, she said. He is still not unfriendly.

Why the young man who entered the lion’s cage? The authorities report that Franco was depressed. Cut the ticket straight to the lion’s cage. After leaving the clothes naked and jumping straight in the nude in the lion cage.

He was shouting about the name of Jesus Christ. Later, one piece of paper was rescued from his clothes. It is believed that the young man went to the lion for suicide. The young man went to the lion.

The zoo director Alejandra Mantalva says that it is impossible to kill Singh-Singhhi. But they did not have sleeping pills. According to the rules of the zoo, people’s lives are the most expensive.

Though the pet warriors are not ready to accept this argument. Their question is, “The man entered the lion’s cage without following the rules, and for the sake of the rule, the lions will be killed?”

In fact, many of those who saw this scene raised this question. Eyewitness Cynthia Vaskeze said, “Security personnel have been active for a long time. The lion was not attacked by the cage but the lion attacked the man. The guards first poured water. The crowd fired after the crowd was removed. “Many people spread lion-man fights in camera by spreading the camera to social media.

This incident of the Zoo of Santiago is provoking the events of January 1, 1996. On that day, a young man of twenty-five years in the name of Jayaprakash Tiwari was killed in the clutches of the Royal Bengal Tiger Shibir necklace at Alipore Zoo in Calcutta.

Just two years ago a young man with a white tiger died in Delhi’s National Zoological Park in front of a white tiger, and a man with a mental disability. At that time the zoo authorities told that they did not have sleeping pills. But it is reasonable to take away two more lives to save one person, the question remains.


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