9 strange Pregnancy test in the world, You will be surprised at what you see


Curious pregnancy test – Nowadays, many types of pregnancy test equipment come to the TV. Through this tool, in a few minutes, a woman may know whether she is pregnant or not.

But have you ever thought that without a pregnancy test tool how can a woman be pregnant?

As we go back to history, we see the condition of women worse. There are also some such cases of pregnancy testing. So let’s see how the pregnancy test was done in the past. This test seems pretty weird and stupid. And there are some tests that you hate if you read them.

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Examine with onion

In this examination, the woman was asked to put onions or any fluffy vegetables in her vagina. If the smell of the woman comes from the breath of the woman, it was thought that she was not pregnant. And if she did not smell, she would have been pregnant.

Examine with wheat and barley

With this strange test, the woman was given the gender of the child, along with the pregnancy. It was mixed with wheat and barley in a bag and asked to urinate the bag for a few days.

If after a few days the urine was germinated, then it would have been thought that there was a girl in her stomach and if barley had sprouted it would have been assumed that she had a boy in her stomach. If nothing had sprouted, it would have been considered that he

Not pregnant.

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Experiment with leech

In this test, the urine of the woman was placed in a bowl and the lemon was thrown into it. If the scalp sticks on the pot, the woman was considered pregnant.

Ribbon test

In this examination, the urine of a woman was filled with a bowl and a ribbon. Then the woman would have been asked to tinkle the bucket. If the smell was to intimidate women, then the woman was considered pregnant, but the woman was considered pregnant.

See how pregnancy test was done with colgate.

Check with beer and screws

The test was mixed with lentil beer. Then the woman was placed on the mixture. If the woman was vomited, she would have been considered pregnant.

Calgate Exam

The Colgate test is done in many places, not just at the old time. In this test, a vessel is taken to the cortex and mixed with the urine of the woman. If it is foam, it is considered pregnant.

Then, how will the pregnancy test was done by women’s milk?

Period test

In this examination, a beverage made with honey was fed to women. She would have been pregnant if she had had her period after drinking it. Although the world believes that the period of pregnancy is not pregnant.

Milk test

In this test the woman was told to breastfeed someone who had a son. If the woman was vomited after drinking milk, she would have been considered pregnant.

Then see a strange pregnancy test.

Urine test

This test was done by some skilled people. They used to analyze her in a girl’s urine utensils. They would tell their color or everything else that they were pregnant or not. In addition to this, sometimes they would see their reaction by adding wine to urine.

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