9 disasters will take place in the world by 2050, which will cause human civilization to be destroyed …


Hu9 disasters will take place in the world by 2050, which will cause human civilization to be destroyed …

9 disasters in the world – people are always fascinated by the “future” Reading astrology, astrology is something that people study the future forecasts. Future events are based on worldwide research and scientific forecasts which are most accurate at the time.

In the distant future, chaos is full, where some inventions and some destruction will be destroyed because before the creation of something destruction will prevail.

Let’s see what’s going to happen in the future

Helium 3 Mine 2020 –

Helium 3 is a very light and non-radioactive isotopes made up of 2 protons and 1 neutron. Helium 3 is a very rare element and it is abundant on the moon.

The Russian Federal Space Agency Helium 3 has planned to work on the moon excavation, which will cost approximately $ 4 billion per tonne. As a result, some countries may be dragged into the treasury.

In late 2020, the European Union planned to establish the world’s first energy-efficient nuclear reactor. Soon our moon plans will take a realistic look and it’s just waiting for time.

Settlement of Mars in 2023 –

By 2023, a private dental firm “Mars One” is planning to send four people to Mars. These 4 people will live there “permanently” and this is another great find in the history of mankind. Four additional astronauts will be sent to solar-powered stations every year since 2025 and they will not return.

“Mars One” will broadcast the entire event, from the selection process to the spaceflights so that it can increase the next funding required.

Flight costs – $ 1.5 billion

Flight time – at least one year

Masdar City 2025 –

The future city of Masdar is expected to be completed by 2025. Abu Dhabi futures group is planning 100% waste and water reuse. It will be a carbon neutral city and it will be built based on lasting energy.

In the current situation, it will cost a huge $ 20 billion, and 50000 people will have homes. The whole city is covered with a cover of about 6 kilometers.

Green Power 2017 –

An important assessment of how the world’s energy assets are met by the end of 2017 will be taken. Oil price hike will be ensured next year and oil prices in the future will be higher than wind power. These projections are going to have a huge impact on your pocket and the low-cost electricity will be implemented by the end of 2020.

Worldwide Property Crisis 2030 –

The United Nations thinks of a future event, there will be a deficit of almost all important resources in 2030 and then about 3 billion people will be forced to live within the poverty line from the developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

If these disasters are combined with natural disasters such as flood and drought, the number may increase further. These are some problems which can be taken quickly by the government and taken care of by the government. But the number of people will be able to increase the poverty rate, where the government can not do anything.

Bionic Eyes 2035 –

We were already unimaginable by our forefathers who were able to provide basic blindness to a blind man. It is said that by 2020, humans will be able to overcome complete blindness through a true natural philosophy and by 2035 we can use bionic eyes.

These bionic eyes will enable us to see infrared and ultraviolet light. Such inventions will gradually remove the separation of machines and machines.

Immortality 2036 –

Immortality can now be a dream for us, but thanks to medical science that we are very close to finding answers to immortality. British Gerontologists predicted that by 2036, it has 50% chance of getting it.

Technical Unity 2045 –


In the simplest language of technology, when computer intelligence passes human intelligence and thereby creates a strong supernatant, which has a greater capacity than humans. Which is expected to be possible by 2045.

Earth’s disasters 2050-2060

Based on the many claims made by humans, news agencies and scientists, we get a real threat to the world. It seems that 2050-2060 will be a difficult time for us.

In the 2060’s, the population of the population will cross 9 billion and the ocean will fall into a water crisis and the growing shortage of resources will be completely different.

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