7 effective way to remove mosquito of home!


The home mosquito- mosquito The name of a painful insect. Where is the pain of the mosa! Mosquitoes also walk in the house, outside, in the car, and walk in the evening.

In addition to the annoying emasculation, they infect the bacteria. These mosquitoes can often cause death of humans. Through mosquitoes, chikungunya, malaria, dengue, filariya, yellow fever, jika virus etc. are very serious infections.

So it is important to organize mosquito naturally. Take a look at the effective way to remove mosquito-

1) Neem oil: If you take body oil, you will get rid of mosquito bites. There is a mosquito away from the smell of neem. Only nimapata can be kept in the house, mosquito nuisance will reduce. 2) Tulsi tree: Keep some tulsi trees in the room, mosquitoes will run.

3) Camphor: Mosquito can not tolerate the smell of camphor. A 50 g camphor tablet, fill the bowl with water in a small bowl. Then put it in the corners of the room. Change water after two days.

4) Lemon: Cut off the lemon from the middle. Then put a lot of cloves in the inside of the cut lemon. Keep the lemon pieces in a plate and place it in the corner of the house. Look at the magic, there is no mosquito in the house.

5) Garlic Kwa: Some of the garlic should be boiled in water on the Kyaa layer. It is possible to avoid the pain of the mosquito that spray the water throughout the house.

6) Rainwater: Rainwater accumulates in mosquitoes. Clear your own duties if there is water out of the house.

7) Perfume: Use perfume. Spices stay away from the perfume. So before going to sleep at night, you can eat oily, perfume or lotion in the body.

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