6 months jail after slapping …


In front of a cafeteria in the capital of the French capital, a young man slapped a young woman in the street. The video of the slap becomes viral through social media. In the meantime, many women were arrested on the streets demanding sexual harassment law in the country, police arrested the youth. The court has recently given the young man six months imprisonment in the case of torture of women.

The person will also be fined 2,000 euros for this incident. He will spend the six-month sentence given to the court in the corrective action including drug addiction treatment center. The French court gave the verdict against the young man on Thursday.

On July 24, the victim named Marie Laga The young man slapped him next to a cafeteria that evening. The next day, when the woman uploaded a video of the incident on her Facebook page, it started crying.

The video footage shows that a pedestrian shouted to the woman and threw her into an ashtray. Then she follows the girl’s feet and walks behind. At one stage, while standing next to the café, who slapped a young woman on the other side and turned to the opposite. At that time, three people and a woman sitting in the café left the young man even after going to the place.

Through this social network, more than 2.4 million people see this video. The video has eight thousand shares and more than 2,500 people comment on it. After making a lot of criticism, police arrested the young man in mid-August this year.

Many women and human rights activists started the movement to stop the sexual harassment after the video was viral.

After that, a fine was passed quickly in the country by financing 750 euros for harassing women and sexually harassing them.

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