6 killed in unexpected destruction of Michael …


Strong cyclone Michael has carried out unprecedented destruction in coastal areas of Florida Governor of Florida Rick Scott said in a statement that the lives of many people have almost changed. Many families have lost all of them.

However, the worst was to the northwestern coast. Many homes have been damaged, the trees have grown up and the electricity has been disconnected.

On Wednesday local time tornadoes hit Michael Florida. At that time the speed of the wind was 250 kilometers per hour.

However, when the cyclone progressed to the northeast, its strength gradually declined. But before being completely calm, this powerful storm struck six lives. Most of them are from Florida.

Over three and a half million people were already asked to take shelter safely from Florida. But authorities say that many residents did not follow the warning.

Governor Scott said that the US Coast Guard has carried out 10 raids last night. They rescued at least 27 people alive.

Although the cyclone was called category two on Tuesday, the cyclone was mentioned as category four on Wednesday morning. During the cyclone wind speed was 155 miles per hour. Governor of Florida Rick Scott warns that it is the worst cyclone in the century. The cyclone is so devastating that it is unimaginable.

All records before the cyclone have been found that after the 1851, the four-dimensional cyclone in the category did not hit Florida. Under the influence of cyclone rain falls in the cities near the coast and sudden flood situation has been created.

Hurricane hit Michael the third strong Hurricane in the United States. In the coastal areas, the cyclone has been referred to as category four. The coastal areas have suffered a lot. Roads have been submerged in water. Panamá City has suffered a lot. Under the influence of landslides there happened also.

This is the first category after 1898, with a three-dimensional tornado. Although the strength of the cyclone is gradually decreasing, the danger of loss is still going on. Earlier in 1969 Hurricane Camille hit Mississippi.

Cyclone Michael caused landslides in the afternoon on Wednesday afternoon. At that time, the storm was referred to as a three-dimensional cyclone. Wind blowing in the Penhandel area of ​​Florida, 125 kilometers high. The emergency department said more than 500,000 people in Florida, Alabama and Georgia are in power.

Houses in Panama City, Mexico Beach have been damaged Appalachikola also has been damaged There are 2,300 people living there. Due to deforestation and sudden flooding, it has become difficult to enter some affected areas.

In a statement, Governor Scott urged residents not to return until the electricity connection and the debris are confirmed to ensure that everything is safe.

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