6 cabin crew lost job for sleeping on the airport floor

Spain airline

Ryan Air’s six cabin crew lost his job asleep on the airport floor. On Wednesday, Ryan Air has been told that the crew members were sleeping on the floor of the Malaga airport in Spain and posted this photo through social media.

According to the airline, a fake photo was circulated in support of false allegations that the crew was forced to sleep in the room in the Magala room. That’s why the crew members were expelled.

After the dismissal of the staff of the Anglican staff, the airline said that the reputation of the company was viral due to the use of social media. These six crew have been charged with breach of trust.

On 14th October, 20 crew members of the airline were trapped at Malaga Airport in Spain on various issues, including changes in flight. At that time, six-staffed Portugal-based staff decided to sleep on the floor. Peter Billy, Chief Executive Officer of Ryan Air Lines apologized in a tweet saying all hotels were booked in Malaga. He apologized for not allowing the crew to stay.

Ryanair said the workers were kept in office for a short time before sending them to the VIP lounge. At this time they think that the workers can not sleep at least on the floor. The next day, the flight was off for porto in Portugal.

The Portuguese Union SNPVAC opposed Ryanair’s move. They say that no rest has been arranged for the crew for six to six in the morning. That is why they were resting on the floor. The cabin crew was taken to the VIP lounge at six in the morning. The airline authorities also confirmed the authenticity of the information.

Luciana Paso, the head of the SNPVS in Portugal, said that the picture was shown by workers in the film. There were 24 crew in a room and there were only eight chairs for them. Several floating on the floor have expressed hatred. At this time someone picked up this image and published it through social media.

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