5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

5 odd in the world – it’s hard to find people who do not like to see the sea. The shore wind with blue water at the bottom of the sun below. It took time to taste the feeling that tourists rushed to the sea.

Every beach has its own features. This is the kind of urban atmosphere on the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar. Again the whole of St. Martin is the opposite. But there are some marvelous beach beaches around the world.

Take a look at the world’s 5 odd sea beaches.

Hidden Beach

5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

This is a strange story like this hidden beach. Sea beaches are hidden in the cave of the mountain. Locally, this beach name is Playa the Amor (Beach of profit). This beach location is approximately 20 nautical miles from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Black Sand and Chances of Ice

5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

Black sticks and large pieces of ice around. Mix together In the light of the sun, the ice is stained with chalk chops.

As a result of the volcano, ice hail has created sea beaches such as beach. This beach in the North Atlantic is known as the Black Sand and Chances of Ice.

Hot Water Beach

5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

Look like all the other beaches! So its name is Hot Water Beach? Such a question may be!

The location of the hot water berth in New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. After the tide, the sand that comes out of the sand becomes hot water. The crowd gathered in this beach to take a cold hot water spa.

Bioluminescent Beach

5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

How are the stars of the evening coming down on the beach? This is what happens in the Maldives’s Bioluminensant Beach.

Like all other beaches, biomolliginens have been found in biological applications in the wild. However, comparatively, the biomillinsensis are very bright. Due to many things, they kept shining at night.

Island Beach

5 Amazing sea beaches in the world

The beach will be on the banks of the sea! That’s normal. But Island Beach, but above sea level is 330 feet above.

Surprisingly, the beaches that have been seen in Spain, This beach is naturally built on the shores of the sea. Like waves in the sea, the waves flutter here.

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