24 pictures that reveal how this is moving forward in the modern world …


Moving forward in the modern world – how much time have you spent thinking about the current state of your life or your surroundings? How confident are you? Have you ever tried to think about the causes of the disaster around the world? Or have you ever tried to find solutions to hidden problems?

Well, I’m sure that these questions have hit you and you have called the second thought in the modern way of life as you are alive.

With the minds of these ideas and ideas, there are some examples of artist Olivier Bonahom, which is the target of modern life, which is sophisticated and complex. He is an artist in Montpellier of France. He graduated from Iklo Emil Kohl in 2010 and is working as a painter and industrial director with various arts, newspapers, and studios.

See some samples of his contemporaries.

  • How does a modern girl live

But when he loves those lonely moment

s, he’s like himself.

  • Nothing is pure now

Here addiction and addiction everywhere; Even pregnancy is being affected by it.

The opposite side of urbanization

Too much noise, too much pollution and little effort towards their mitigation.

When everyone in the crowd wants to say his opinion

No one can hear the noise.

When the modern world is only displayed on screen.

And everyone laughs behind the scenes.

Modern Nightlife

Urban space filled with glosses

What will the mathematics dentist do?

Still surprised the educational system.

Just like you

Their habitation is at the verge of destruction.

Brave man

Carry the sand on the beach and bring it to this point!

For attention and reputation

People are driven for these days … not for sympathy and feelings!

These are not a rare scene now 

Thanks to the natural disaster caused by climate change.

A pen is stronger than a sword.

True today

When the urban people try to get rid of the chain

It definitely helps float.

Money circulation

Beautifully interpreted.

Nobody guards better than this

There is no good adherence.

Enjoy and earn

Time wants a balance of both.

When milanials

Thinking a …

You never know where your real companion is.

Keep open, so that you can explore as much as possible.

Urbanization … which is known for bump tension reduction

Although it is not a good hobby. Or I can not say it’s a good habit!

After enjoying, irresponsible people

‘Carelessness’ shows their true face, not ‘carelessness’.

Fastest fun with modern roads

And the fastest car flew to you with the latest engagement.

A poem of imagination

Such matches are used for great fun.

The best way to connect with people nowadays

Sometimes, touch!

Here’s the long building

But small life here and there!

These examples of our lives that we manage ourselves are nothing but a run like a mouse.

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