20 pictures, where people take some weird pictures with idols such as crazy …


20 pictures, where people take some weird pictures with idols such as crazy …

Some weird pictures with images – photobobbing, comedy of other people’s pictures, which are not old. But did you see the statue doing a joke? Yes, this is also a matter of fact.

Traveling will help us to laugh and read the lasting love, taking photos and making everyday life more attractive. At least these people did so.

A full new meaning has been given in the statue of the statue, surprisingly about the hands-on-chest. The result is fun.

See yourself

Scenes of women, bear and movie!

A good love story than Twilight.

… reunion

Male statue: Hi dear, I am back … Did you miss me?

Strangers: First, give a kiss.

Female statue: …

Baby dance

It seems to be the best time of his life.

Very happy

When you do not get anyone in real life

De clique

This statue is very good for you.

Incompatible one

Dirty old people,

Even more suitable one

Although POS is

Reckless one

She seems to enjoy it!

When you want to fly!

And you’re at the top of the world.

Satisfied reward

Give me a little more risk for you.

What’s going on, mister?

A staggering picture
When is adulthood.

I will congratulate my mother so that I can take it overnight, but let me keep a little longer.

Final Punishment

When the statue says, “I want to protect you!”

Someone has been naughty

Well, both of them have been.

Get out of the way!

The statue goes away “When you go home you may hit.”

Angry one

Even Spidey is unable to this idol!

Wait for me.

And stretch me in heaven!

Well dressed!

Even when an idol looks better than you.

For some fun?

Now in the crisis of existence of the statue.


Perhaps the first is still so far

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