17 secret stories of boy’s life that they never want to tell a girl …


17 secret stories of boy’s life that they never want to tell a girl …

17 secret of the boy’s life – the relationship of each pair is very much a witness, is not it? You have not been able to get rid of all the bouts of emotional stability after every fight, yet one after another.

Most of the time, there are the main reasons behind this, clarity about which is very important for any relationship. It’s just as hard to say as straightforward as it is. Accept the fact that girls like those boys whose life is like open leaves of the book, whose life is not hidden.

Here you will read about 15 topics that your lovers never want to tell you.

1. Ex-lover

Let’s start with the past, a boy will try hard to make sure that you do not name his former girlfriend or you do not even want to meet him.

He was about a lot in the past and he would try not to forget the mistakes of the past. She wants to keep away all the memories of her past lover so that she can not influence her current relationship in any way.

2. Illness

You must think that when your boyfriend gets sick, he does not hide it from you without knowing it, because of his excess and stupidity, he actually wants to keep you away from these problems when you are faced with many adversities in your own life.

3. Wallet and mobile phone

If you’re like girls who harness their wallet or mobile phone without lover’s permission, then close it now. He may not say anything to you, but it’s a dislike that anyone who likes him or her wallet or mobile phone.

4. Bad habits

Whether he has any personal hygiene or any drug-related habit, he never wants to express them. Although he will never deny you to eat cigarettes or hukka, you will not want to take the first vigil.

5. Looking at other girls.

It does not need to say, it is the natural instinct of people and the poor boys can not do anything about it. So there is no need to ask this question, “Are you looking at that girl?” Because she will not say ‘yes’ to you any day.

6. Imagine the excitement of the bed.

Girls are more hungry than boys, yet there is no reason to think that they do not think about these things. Although he will not tell you anything about what he wants to do with you in bed.

7. Blue film

One of the main reasons why he does not want you to put his hands on the phone is that boys have a habit that collects their phones on their phones. But he will not accept this life in front of you.

8. Dissatisfaction

You may do many such things that make them angry, even if they try hard to keep quiet in front of you. That does not mean that you have got the full discount, it often takes the look of discontent, so hopefully the day does not come when the rage will be over you.

9. The lies in the past

The boys are not a saint but their list of mistakes is too big. Girls do not have any idea about the lies of these past, unless they are detractors behind their lover.

10. Mental stability

They do not have any mental stability, but do not think of any day that they will say ‘yes’ when asked. They always want mental reliance from you, no matter how hard they feel from outside.

11. Insecurity

They are very natural, especially when they are talking about body and sexual abilities. They always keep thinking whether you are upright towards him or if you are satisfied with his sexuality.

12. More dependence on you.

Every woman should be impressed, boys may either pay bills for you at the most expensive hotel or open the door for you, but if you are not next to them, they feel incomplete.

13. Cuddle all day long.

When the action comes, he will give you what you claim, but that does not mean that he is always happy. It’s something to make you happy, but if you hear deep in your mind, then understand that she wants to spend the night in your dark embrace.

14. Prevent your diagnosis.

Anyway, do not forget that at the end of the day he is a common man. So stop stopping your diagnosis by forcefully (another reason for dissatisfaction). He may not speak to you in front of you, but you do not like this authoritarian use in the mind.

15. Promise

Apart from all other reasons, the reason that is most important, determining whether he will spend the rest of his life with you, that promise. He is afraid of another matter, he does not understand that you can help both of you financially.

You must think that you have not even paired him for spending, but why? Because it is inside of the mind but never reveals it out. You should discuss this with him if you want to spend with him throughout his life.

16. The mystery of ‘morning bash’

The name of this condition is called noktoranal penile tumensensi (npt), where boys’ sex becomes stiff in the morning. This is the kind of sexual imagination they make.

Also, the testosterone hormone levels are high in the morning. Due to blood transfusion, the penis gets stiff too many times. Whatever the reason for your boyfriend’s sex, he will not tell you anything about this.

17. Afraid of losing you

At the end it can be said, he will not tell you any day whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, but if you think about leaving him, he shakes his head. So boys will never tell you about their fear, insecurity and reliance.

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