15 painful uncomfortable issues, when you engage in an intimate session with your partner …


Painful uncomfortable subject – maybe the bed is full of words ‘ohoo’ and ‘ah’. If you are able to understand about it, then it will be great help for you, you are ready for a good session, see below.

People have been familiar with the experience of the ultimate pleasure from the sexual intercourse. The background of this issue may come out of chaos.

This is what we want to give the best of each of us. This is an experience that everyone tries to do most specifically.

It is broadly said, ‘great *** is crazy, but mad with real love’ it is true. But, there are some painful uncomfortable things that revolt during the game!

If you’re ready for the event, there are about 15 lists here, which can be embarrassing to see you.

These adventures have flip edges! Keep reading for this to know. Go ahead.

Maybe you’ve encountered some of them.

1 dump

It usually occurs after eating beer. Unpleasant consequences, usually leads to a mumps, sometimes when the emotions are at the highest level. God! It’s like a big urine.

2 long hair, the most unwanted place

An integral part of intimate sessions with long-haired partners. But those who find long hair from small blank parts are very annoying.

3 is unusual

It is called vaginal fart, it occurs when it is usually stuck inside the air due to repeated and out motion. This is a wild session sign and a bad interview behind.

4 fart

If it is bad, then it makes a bad temper. In Oops and Ahh, if there is a fart sound, it makes the partner’s mood worse. However, it is a natural phenomenon that can happen to everyone.

5 Wet spot

The last part of the bed is the new Bermuda Triangle. This was the result of a love session that was just a few minutes ago. You can rock the entire area, just leave four wet squares!

6 period sex

Dad! This is a condition of safe sex

But the most frustrating is when you neglect your partner and start bleeding. It is very bad, but vaginal swelling in many cases, thanks to a cunnilingus at this time.

7 The toothpick

It is a risky thing, it can take you to the doctor. When you live with her Joystick and suddenly you hear a click and you can not move your jaw. It stops, it’s very risky.

8 Messy dirty talk while painting a filthy picture

There is a need for good and satisfied sessions in bed, an inexperienced sex is the worst way to reduce spirits. Dirty talking is an art that many may not be masters about this, it can cause anxiety in playing lover, be careful about it.

9 Hair Floss

It’s not clear when it’s a nice natural scene, while it’s down. Someone loves the bottom of the forest, so it does not stop from sewing. So, to avoid embarrassment, give your partner a warm tender bath, keep some shaving cream and a tender razor. Maybe, they’re back again

10 choking

It can always cause frustration when the hair membranes get stuck on your teeth and it stuck behind it, your tongue or your throat. Beautiful is a natural phenomenon, but it is better to avoid it.

11 taunted

In spite of the natural lubrication system, there is usually dryness in women. Some hot or cold lubricant substances can be used to avoid this temporary phase of dryness.

12 posture

For couples, the partner knows where to find and where to put it. And it can be a fun scene. The knees are banged. This is the first time pain, but with the habit, it is settled.

13 cotton yarn and scarf dresses

Cotton keeps their mark in the bottom of the inner, which embarrasses us. So instead of doing silk inner before bathing is good.

14 Joystick stuck there

God! It is too dangerous and painful. It happens when it is inside the woman and its vagina is narrow! It’s stuck now! It is painful for the girl, it can be used to relax the muscles.

15 Tweezers of a candle

I hope you can crack it. Yes, it happens because of a very passionate session and it is very difficult. Suddenly you heard a snap and you’re ready to run in the hospital. Although there is no harm, it can be prevented due to high pressure.

Be careful, because they are your assets.

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