15 habits which are very harmful to women’s health


For the women’s health – we do many things throughout the day for girls that are harmful to our health. In our daily life, they have been in such a way that it is difficult to stop them now.

We are very worried about the girls’ cleanliness. She should shampoo, brush, or spray every day. But with this, there are some bad practices that should not be done.

Now let’s go down to the words of the body, where we should keep an eye out. Whether it is using soap or its underworld, our girls should be more aware of their own body. We often tortured the body without much understanding.

Here we have made a list that we have done for a long time, but we have to be careful about them.

1. If you have not read the same sanitary pads throughout the day.

If the same sanitary pads last for a long time, it becomes dirty. So sanitary pads should be changed every four hours. If the same pad has been lying for a long time, there may be infection in the vagina from there.

2. Wash the bra only once a week.

This applies to pad fitted bra and its brow. Maintaining proper hygiene is very important, so many experts advise that bra should be washed after using a bigger three times. Due to repeated use of the abs of bra, the shape of the breast may change.

3. Use black bra during the summer.

If you use black bra in the summer, you will have more heat. So printed in the summer, should be used in the bra of light colors.

4. The bra while sleeping.

It’s a very harmful habit. When the bra falls on the bone, the muscles of the biceps are narrowed, which can prevent the movement of blood, which can damage the nipple cells. There may also be scarring due to bra strep.

5. Clean vagina with soap.

The things in that area below are very tangible, so take special care. So there is no need to use soap there, just enough to use water. If you know, you’ll be surprised that there is a way to clean the vaginal self.

6. There are weaknesses in reading his given bra.

If using her given bra, it may cause problems like itching, breasts, blood circulation, smash, and hyperpigmentation. So it does not become a routine practice. They are not too stressed. Because the real thing to feel comfortable is the real

7. Use deodorant directly on the skin.

It is a very harmful habit because it can lead to various problems in the skin, even breast cancer. Because of the high blood pressure, the harmful substances in the blood are mixed. Although the use of leather on packing is safe, it should be used only on cloth.

8. Outside the sun without any warning.

It is very important to save your skin from harmful sun rays. Always protect your face and hands. The Sun’s ultraviolet rays can burn the skin. So always use sun screen and cover the skin.

9. Do not make-up or clean before bedtime.

You can get rid of make-up and other dirt in the face by washing face with a face wash before bedtime. Fleshing up with make-up increases the skin’s age very quickly, there are also problems with bron and other problems. So it’s good to pick up make-up.

10. Going to Regular Gynecologists.

Doctor taking notes
Beautiful parts of your body require special care. So you need to have a healthy idea about what is going on in your body constantly. So if you go to regular gynecologists, your body and mind will be better.

11. Do not eat breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal in our daily life. So eating breakfast is harmful to the body, it uses excess energy in your body and damages the body’s metabolism. If you do not take breakfast you will feel weak in the body and it will create emotional stress on your side.

12. Nail biting

You can not easily understand this practice. Especially when you suffer from nervousness or only for the habit you nail the nails. It warns you that harmful germs are entering your body.

13. Eat early food

In the 21st century, most of us have been unsure to eat safely. We always persist in the work pressure or the lack of time. It is said that it should take at least 20 minutes to complete a meal. Aciditis and gas can cause problems if you do not chew properly. So it should always be eaten to come.

14. Waiting for permission every day.

There are many women who are sitting in the office, friends or boyfriends, who are waiting for their permission for minor unnecessary things. They always want permission before doing any new things. The purpose of women is, you shake this habit. Learn to take your own decisions without destroying it unnecessarily.

15. Paste on the skin.

If you are overly worried about your skin’s bronze and you always think about it, you will not see any signs of bronchitis. So stop thinking about that. And stop hitting him repeatedly, because if there is a black spot in that place.

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