14 great strategies for strong and lasting reflection, Do not see the kids 18+…


Strong and lasting – it’s 2018 and thankfully, sex is not banned. When it comes to bed shaking, it’s a good thing to talk openly and make it more honest about it. Sometimes, some nice decent guidelines are available on the Internet for which thanks to the advent of the Internet should be given, the guidelines are now only a touching feature.

One of the biggest problems of men is the ability to get strong revelation. There are many reasons why some people do not get strong revelation and some of them are highlighted here.
Causes of weak redemption

There may be many reasons for rupture problems. These factors include:

Physical problems, such as nerve damage or decrease in sex supply.
Other health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, side effects of specific medicines, alcoholic drinks or smoking may require more surgery, such as tips for achieving a strong refinement for prostate cancer.

1. Eat good food.

It can not be said without any, is not it? Your body will respond well to your good food and react badly to every bad thing. A rule is that, usually the high cholesterol diet does not contain healthy fats which should be avoided. So it’s time to stop.

2. Avoid smoking.

Smoking can actually shrink your penis. Due to cigarette smoke, red blood cells can be damaged and sex can be damaged. We do not know what will happen to you if you do not try to quit smoking.

3. Little alcohol

According to the Times of India, alcohol may affect your blood vessels in the same way as smoking and over time, causing erectile dysfunction. So please drink a little alcohol.

4. Right sleep

Sleep does not only affect the performance, it can be fatigued due to its lack, but it can maintain hormonal imbalance that can weaken your emission. Remember, sleeping is recommended for roughly 6-8 hours.

5. Do not put too much pressure

Many stress releases your body adrenaline. Additional adrenal bleeding may lower your body. So it is recommended to avoid and you can meditate.

6. Reduce masturbation.

But yes, please masturbate less. Masturbation can lead to poor rejection and may end your sexual desire over time.

7. Avoid heavy food before sex.

Here’s a tip. If you go to a date and have the chance to do something, it is better to avoid heavy food. Due to heavy eating, the blood flows towards the stomach, because it requires more blood to digest, which results in lower rejection.

8. Too many sexes.

Well, no one will give you better advice than this. Do not thank us, thank the Times of India. More sex stimulates blood flow to your sex and you will not have any problems with it.


Foreplay is very useful, if your girlfriend does not tell you that, then we tell you. If you are not well-deserved, then you will get good sanitation. Alongside, it makes fun, is not it?

10. Stay healthy

Yes, yes, we know it’s a knowledge ‘but what can we do? This is the truth. The healthy body enhances your overall energy and increases blood flow to the body and improves the flow of good blood.

11. Make a good position.

In general, you should be positive that puts your gender in a clear position, we strongly advise you not to lie down, we direct you to try a good position so that your penis is down, which increases blood flow – thanks to gravity.

12. Eat zinc-rich foods.

Zinc-rich food products will help to produce your testosterone, sperm, and it is vital for the formation of strong and lasting rejuvenation.

13. Avoid tight underwear.

We know, tight undergarments show Macho but unfortunately, your performance will not be macho. Tight undergarments can reduce your blood flow to your penis, resulting in a weak reflexion.

14. Drink green tea.

Green tea is an antioxidant that helps destroy your body radically free. This helps to improve the blood flow of your sex, which results in good sperm count.

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