11 common things of girls body and behavior that boys do not like at all …


11 common things of girls body and behavior that boys do not like at all …

When you do everything in your own strength to attract women’s body and behavior- to the opposite sex, you do not know that some of your actions and behavior have the opposite effect.

Actually, you can not understand that you are acting in a way that removes males, but to attract them to what you are trying to do.

I know some women are unaware of their work and behavior, which are sometimes negatively reflected on men. For example, if a woman comes in a room using different hair products and Bobby Pins in a variety of ways.

Will it attract the attention of all men? Yes, but you do not want to. Most men prefer long, loose, soft and silky hair, sticky hair spray and hard gel.

These other habits may be annoying for them. Let’s take a look at this list and find out things that men are unresponsive to women.

1. Be very arrogant!

Indeed, women will have to understand the divide between your pride and arrogance. It is good to be proud of your achievement and achievement, but it is very bad to be arrogant about it in front of others. It’s annoying for men.

2. Bad personal hygiene

Actually, this is a basic thing! Regardless of gender, cleanliness comes when both men and women should be clean. Bad personal hygiene activates another person among them.

3. Failure to lead the conversation

Yeah, good! This is a rare event, but there are few women who have less interest in running a healthy conversation. It ends its relationship with their men.

4. Critical about your ex all time!

Believe me, each woman has some expectations and which is not really done with their ex-children. They should not pose them in front of their other men. This past and critical practice makes you unacceptable to other men.

5. Make too much makeup.

Really Girls! I know that women do not make-up to satisfy men. They do this to please themselves but the thing goes far away. Also, I believe that it really lets men mood off. Many makeup really does not work sometimes.

6. Make annoying drama.

There is no doubt that it becomes bitter on both sides, but such harmful characteristics of women sometimes work as a burden on men.

7. Not heard of anyone!

For the sake of Allah! Stop being a donkey, girls. Behaviors that you know everything or listen to someone, nobody knows better than you. All of these features are well-liked by men.

8. The women who think they are very strong!

In addition, not a great kind, this lady who broke things at home just because she could not properly organize it. It’s ugly traits in the ladies and which are really unknowable.

9. Smile with touch and injuries!

I mean, I understand that you express your love laughing like this. But excessive smile may be annoying for her.

10. Too much turn up.

One cock bursts loud and sounds stronger than the speakers of the club. Terrible! Especially when you talk to your ears.

11. Too much to claim!

If there is too much demand, it makes men most unknowable.

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