11 Bollywood kissing scenes that are very violent for the audience …


Kiss scenes for viewers- Bollywood is not just an art or entertainment medium, but because of the number of huge fans, it has become a big universe where every day something happens.

We see big banner films, every day new faces are seen there. Apparently, Bollywood has become a victim of his mirror of what is happening in a person’s life. Even this is something that happens only between two people.

* You understand what I mean.

Yes, you obviously know I’m talking about intimate scenes. Do you remember how they were made visually? When a flower shakes the other does something annoying.

In those days, the producers and viewers did not have the voice to acknowledge this issue. However, now this is totally different and we can see what we want and we have freedom to do whatever we want, most of these scenes increase adrenaline and sometimes it ends with a major thing.

We have come up with an example of something like this for you.

1. Tumsa Nehi: A Love Story

We do not really understand what Imran Diyah wants to do here. That it is an exhilarating kiss or a resounding face with the face.

We left it to the audience to find out.

2. A commonman

The film, which was released by Siddharth and Jacklin, was released. However, seeing this kiss scene, I want to ask Siddhartha that his intention is to kiss his lips or eat lips? Are you hungry, Sid?

3. Murders 2

It is hard to accept that Imran will make a mistake while kissing unknowingly. It should not be mistaken by the master of kissing, Imran. It seems as if she kissed her lips instead of her tongue.

4. Raja Hindustani

This scene may be a big mistake, but it should be saluted that when such scenes were banned on screen, they did this in the era.

5. Shoot Out At Wadala

We fully appreciate how much trouble Kangana had to endure while biting the lips in a kiss scene in this criminal film. It looked really awkward and tempting.

6. Jab tak he Jaan

Shahrukh is often considered to be the romance king, but it seems like the courage and courage of Katrina is King. But he was standing right there, just as he was listening to the national anthem.

7. Raj 2

This movie was considered to be a horror film, but while kissing it, it is weird that the study done by her tongue at the time of studying I mean, who is that? She is not an ice cream that you would like.

8. Q ho Gaya Na

Nahi Hua, Nahi Hua, Vivek Shek Bilkul Nahi Hua

The film, released in 2004, was released by Ash and Vivek, and from there, the question was answered why Ash gave up Vivek.

9. Nile N nicky

My condolences on Tania was that she kissed a doll. Udaya looked like this.

10. Doom 2

This scene was rather an extraordinary performance, we had hoped a lot from them but they could not fulfill the expectations.

11. Shanghai

Kalki and Prosenjit Chatterjee shot a fierce kiss scene. If you want to laugh a lot, this picture of the image will serve the purpose for you.

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