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Brutal torture technology – When someone is asked to imagine the medieval age, he is riding on horseback or thinking of an arrow or a sword, walk peacefully and honor his king, have a family and pay his taxes.

But when the medieval period is envisaged, then people are wrong to understand that there is a great deal of limitation and punishment, those who commit crime.

Who does not say, ‘The crime should be fine.’ But the medieval period was different. The punishment was cruel and torture was brutal.

A list of 10 types of brutal torture devices used by you in medieval times.

1. Stick

There is a procedure in which the spear in the human body is partially or completely penetrated through the hook. It was used for the death of those who committed crimes against the state.


Here the spear comes into the body and comes out of the head or shoulder or breast area. Life is dependent on a few seconds to 1 to 3 days.

2. Judas Cradle

Also known as the Judas Chair, Cradle was an abusive instrument, which was a sharp table where an edge was oriented in the direction. It was made of metal or wood.

The person used to lie slowly on the device so that the pain can be magnified on torture. Depending on the level of punishment, the methods were used separately. Sometimes a person is hampered over the chair several times. The chair was operated behind the offender, sex or vagina.

3. Coffin torture

As we can see the picture, it is estimated that only one of the devilish structures that followed the level of torture was followed. People were kept inside and fed with animals or birds. The stone was thrown on the perpetrators.

4. Rack

At one glance, it does not look terrible but pain was ruthless. The convict was kept in Rai and his arms and legs were tied with a leather strap so that the body spread outwards. The pressure on the cord was increased so that it could feel more pain.

5. Breast ripper

A device that stimulates everyone and feels, how the breast ribbon was used, just as you guessed, it was used to separate women’s breasts. It torn the breasts but the women did not die, rather they spent the rest of their life in horror.

6. Pierre

This is something that does not seem to have the effect. But what is the piar? The device has four floors, which is operated with the above screw. Used to enter the mouth or anus. Then he would have opened a little until his skin was tearing.

7. Broken wheel

The first task of broken wheels was to break the organs. The accused was used to cover the wheel and then be beaten with wood or iron. The body was kept in the middle of the speech so that the human body was easy to move forward. It easily breaks his bones.

8. Saw torture

When we were a child, I saw this magic that a girl in a wooden box was inserted with a magical saw. But the girl did not do anything.

At the medieval period, it was real.
To do half the saw was used

The person used to hang and half was used to start from the groin area or from the scalp. It was certain that no one here could get a chance to survive.

9. Head crusher

It was a torture device that used to tear off the head and break the head skull.


This machine had a metallic plate where the jaws of the victim were attached and the half-rounded frame would have been reduced by inch inches, so that teeth, head skull, jaw breaks and sudden death.

10. Knee Fission Machine

This device looks like shark teeth but it was more devastating than them. Sharp iron teeth were used in two wooden blocks, where the knee of the accused was set and then two blocks were pressed together. It would have hurt the knees inevitable.



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