10 annoying descriptions that illustrate the truth of the sadness of mankind …

10 annoying descriptions that illustrate the truth of the sadness of mankind ...

10 annoying descriptions – Humanity has been seen in many different ways in this world, many of them are amazing, others are quite rigid. But the conflict of modern times has destroyed the idea of ​​peaceful society. Humanity has conformed to brutal social rule. This is a dark aspect of mankind, which is an unfortunate reality.

Many artists tried to portray these tragic events. But Spanish artist Luis Quiise has shown excellent examples to highlight the bitter truth of mankind. Through his industry, Drug Addiction, Ban, Sex From Corruption, Violence, Child Abuse And Most Controversial Our Social Media – The Crazy Controversial Issues

Many of us are aware of this type of illusions of modern culture unknown or unknowingly. So let’s see the reality of our society.

1. Frenzy for social media

Mankind history

Social media has become the new addict of this generation. Friends, selfies, likes and comments are really great.

2. Everything in it.

Mankind history

People do not think of nutrition, they maintain junk food in order to maintain their standard of living.

3. Freedom of expression.

Mankind history

Freedom of expression is a fiction There is a ban of free thought and consequences of consequences which are unfortunate. “You can say whatever you want – but make sure that we want it.”

4. Except “God loves everyone”, except …

Mankind history

Although religious institutions are for rich people, they are working against poverty and hunger. They must know that they failed to fulfill their so-called commitment in the name of God and religion.

5. Curiosity.

Mankind history

How women use to focus on men’s hormone driven population with sex. I’ll call it a dark hole where young people love to read.

6. “You can tell what you want”

Mankind history

The word is possible by buying by means of money. They’ve hired your tongue for a few bucks.

7. Fighting for religion.

10 annoying descriptions that illustrate the truth of the sadness of mankind ...

Innocent people become victims of unnecessary wars, which keep the world in peace. Shocking, is not it?

8. Innocent fighters.

Mankind history

These kids have no idea how the world works. Instead of being filled with the color of creativity of the empty slate, go ahead with the gun and believe in the unconscious lies about religion and superiority. Such a shame is no longer.

9. Attach stigma.

Mankind history

The perfect body is now used as a product and exhibit.

10. Head cold medicine.

Mankind history

People die by the effects of drugs, which they take for life. It sounds weird, which is very true!

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